We are trying to raise some much needed funds in order to help a new arrival at the sanctuary who is suffering from severe cataracts.
The little donkey who we have called Barney arrived at the sanctuary a couple of weeks ago. He had been found wandering on a hillside in Co Tyrone in a terrified and disoriented state. Luckily for Barney he was found by two compassionate ladies who cared for him until a space could be found for him at the sanctuary.
Upon arrival he was completely unwilling to interact with either his human carers or any of the other resident donkeys.
The sanctuary quickly spotted that he had a severe problem with his sight. Cataracts were diagnosed following ultrasound investigations and blood tests and Barney was deemed suitable for surgery at an equine clinic in England. Unfortunately there is no-one in Ireland who can provide the aftercare for a large animal.
He will need to spend a minimum of 10 days in Intensive Care at the clinic following the surgery. This along with travel costs and aftercare will place extreme pressure on sanctuary funds with the onset of winter feeding bills for the other donkeys in their care.
It is a particularly harrowing story as Barney is very anxious around people so has obviously been subjected to cruel treatment in the past. The sanctuary feel that his situation is especially tragic as he would have not been able to see the individual who perpetrated this treatment approaching and lived his entire life in a state of heightened terror which he is still suffering from.
Donkeys are incredibly empathetic creatures and one of the other resident donkeys has been acting as a guide donkey for Barney who follows him around the paddocks.
No donation is too small to help alleviate this animals suffering and make his quality of life better. A ‘Gofundme’ page called ‘Help Barney See’ has been set up and can be found on the sanctuary Facebook page. Alternatively donations can be made via PayPal on the Facebook page found by clicking on the ‘Learn More’ button or by cheque or postal order sent directly to Donegal Donkey Sanctuary at Castledooey, Raphoe.
The sanctuary would be extremely grateful for any help offered.