Timmy (R) with Twilight ((L)

Timmy was born to rescue mare Twilight in July 2016. Twilight had arrived at the sanctuary in a horrendous state several months earlier. She was starving and had been severely beaten. Her body was covered with cuts and scars as a result of this terrible abuse. Timmy was born at 6am on July 23rd but joy quickly turned to sorrow as it became obvious that he had been severely affected by this trauma in the womb. He was unable to stand as his back legs were twisted and weak. The vet felt that his chances of surviving into adulthood in this state was very slim but we decided to give this fantastic little character a real chance at life. He charmed all visitors over the next few months with his ‘gutsy’ little personality and soon became a firm favourite here at the sanctuary. The involvement of the veterinary department at UCD was a turning point for Timmy with the suggestion that we use a special type of shoe called a ‘hyperextension shoe’ to help the damaged tendons. Timmy made tremendous progress and is now living happily with his Mum at the sanctuary. His treatment is ongoing but the future looks bright for this very special ‘little man’ and his adoring Mum.


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