Road Trip to Sweden

Regular supporters may remember that three of our donkeys were lucky enough to be offered a new home in Nykoping, Sweden last summer. The lucky trio, Reuben, Eeyore & Han Solo, travelled to a 300 acre equestrian centre one hour south of Stockholm last September. We are delighted to report that they have settled in very well & are now very at home with their new owners and are adjusting to Swedish accents!

We cannot express enough gratitude to Monica & Patrik who covered all expenses involved in transporting the three little donkeys.

At the end of June we were delighted to be offered the chance to visit the centre at Nykoping as an Open Day was being organised to fundraise for Donegal Donkey Sanctuary.

The day itself was a huge success with many visitors turning up to meet the donkeys as they are a very rare breed in Sweden. Only 400 are to be found in the entire country and most people have never actually seen one.

While we might miss our ‘boys’ we said goodbye to them with great happiness as the have a truly magical life in their new home.